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OpenCart regiono, adreso 2 ir fakso laukų šalinimas

OpenCart regiono, adreso 2 ir fakso laukų šalinimas

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OpenCart regiono, adreso 2 ir fakso laukų šalinimas

Some fields for some countries are just useless in OpenCart shop. This extension removes all region/state, address 2 and fax fields from the OpenCart shop. Fields are removed not only on the store front but also on administration.

OCMOD or VQMOD modification no core files will be modified.

Install instructions using ocmod method (new method):

1. Log in to your shop administration.
2. Make sure your FTP server is enabled in administration (System > Settings > Select store > FTP).
3. Go to Extensions > Extension Installer.
4. Click the Upload button and in the ocmod directory select zone_removal_v2.ocmod.xml file.
5. You should get a green message saying: "Success: You have installed your extension!”.
6. Now navigate to Extensions > Modifications and click on the Refresh button at the top right corner of the screen.

Install instructions using vqmod method (old method):

1. Make sure your you have vqmod installed in your server.
2. Upload file zone_removal_v2_vqmod.xml in your root directory of OpenCart, maintaining the directory structure (vqmod > xml > zone_removal_v2_vqmod.xml).

This extension is tested on the default OpenCart theme. No core files will be modified, very simple installation.

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